Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding my product(S) and business. If you still cannot find the answer your are looking for please feel free to send me an email and I'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Q:How long does shipping take?

A: It all depends on what type of shipping you have requested and where your are located. Canadian orders generally don't take more then 5-7 business days once they have been mailed. International orders can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on your local service.

Q: Does my shipment come with tracking?

A: To keep shipping cost down the standard shipping does not come with tracking. You can purchase it for an additional cost. Please keep in mind that even with tracking it can still take 7 business days in Canada and up to 6 weeks for international to arrive.

Q: Why does it say a processing time of 7-10 business days to make my order?

A: I make all my items in small batches or for some made per order. Meaning that I only make some items when you order it. This is to ensure that your get the best product that has a long shelf life and will not expire before you are done using it. It also allows a reasonable expectation for me to make your order, label it, package it and get to the post office for you. Sometimes life has unexpected plans and I may need a day or two to fix and ensure everything is alright.

Q:Do these products expire?

A: Everything, even all natural products have an expiration date. However it greatly depends on the product. Rule of thumb is that if it contains water, give it a year, without water the expiration date can vary from 1-5 years depending on the ingredients of the product.

Q:How come I have to pay Duty and Taxes?

A: Each country and region has their own regulations and duties for items coming into the country. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay these taxes.

Q:Is it really $20+ for shipping?

A: The shipping rate is based on current Canada Post estimates. To save time and headache for everyone this has been the set price for  a listing or order assuming that you have a "standard order" of more then one thing in your shopping cart. Anything in difference from the shipping cost (so if you paid more then shipping was) it will be refunded back to you.

Q: What if I live in Winnipeg, can I pick up my order?

A: Yes. There is a coupon code to remove shipping cost. You need to send me a message or state that you would like to pick up and then we can talk about when a good day and time to do so is. Please include your order number in the message to me to help avoid any confusion

Q: Are all your products safe for kids?

A: No. if a product is not safe for the use on kids or babies it will state it on the packaging.

Q: If its all natural, why is it not safe for kids or babies?

A: Most of the items that are not safe use essential oils. As children and babies are still growing and developing, the concentration of the oils can actually cause harm to them. This is why its always recommended to check the ingredients and age recommendations for the product.

Q: If a product is not safe for kids can you make one that is?

A: Yes for most items. If you want a product that is not designed for a child, I may be able to change or sub some ingredients to make it child safe.

Q: Are you in any local markets?

A: Yes, they vary based on to time of year and my application to the shows. If I am in any it will be listed in my blog or on my page of events.